Oilfield Services

Lindale Truck Service Ltd. is your specialist for oilfield services in West-Central Alberta. We have been in this business since 1966 and specialize in providing tank trucks to haul crude oil and produced water. Our fleet includes water trucks and sealed sour units that carry up to 54 m3. Capable of hauling sweet and sour fluid, we haul production fluid and fluid to fracs. As we are COR, Complyworks, and ISNetworld certified, all our procedures follow rigorous protocol to ensure each and every job is completed with a focus on the health and occupational safety of employees and clients.

Fluid Transportation

Fluid transportation services including frac fluid, produced water, service rig fluid, abandonments, KCL and more. Learn More

Wet and Dry Steamers

Wet or dry steamer services including wellhead and line thawing, cooler fin cleaning and equipment washing. Learn More

Lease Road Maintenance

Lease road maintenance services including gravel hauling, dust control, snow removal, weed control, and more. Learn More

Equipment Transportation

Equipment transportation services for skid steers, dump trailers, winch CAT, wide pad winch CAT, and light towers. Learn More

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment services including 20KW light towers, a variety of water pumps and filtration systems and more. Learn More

Additional Services?

Looking for additional oil field services? Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will work hard to find you a solution. Contact Us